5 Ways to Show Appreciation for Your Employees Any Time of Year

March 3, 2022 / Graphic Design & Branding

Only 65% of people plan to stay with their current company in 2022, with over a quarter of workers actively looking for a new job. With many great companies out there, it’s hard to hold onto great talent. So how can you get your employees to stay?  

Show appreciation for your team by recognizing their talents, hard work, and the value they bring to your company. Doing so will give individual employees a boost while helping your company as a whole by increasing productivity and making for a better work culture people will want to be a part of. Whether in an office, remote, or hybrid environment, finding the right solution to show your employees you appreciate them doesn’t have to be challenging. Here are five ways you can effectively recognize your team.

1. Thank You Card

As simple as it sounds, 46% of the workforce prefers words of affirmation when it comes to being appreciated. Writing a sincere thank you to your team members makes them feel valued and shows them exactly what it is about them and their work you appreciate. It’s more than a simple “good job” and is something any employee can enjoy and benefit from.

2. Branded Apparel

Employees appreciate branded apparel. Not only do they feel a sense of unity with other team members, but it allows them to have a branded go-to clothing option when getting ready to head to the office. For those employees you want to recognize, get an item different from something you’d include in your usual apparel orders. In a sea of company polos, rewarding your team with a nice jacket will make them stand out and feel special.

3. Promotional Items

Everyone loves free promo products, and they’re a great way to create a tiered appreciation program for your team. You can gift your employees with single gifts or combine items into a gift bundle. They’re incredibly versatile and customizable, making them perfect for all of your employees, even if they’re working from a home office.

4. Award Program

Sometimes you might want to do a more formal recognition of a job well done. A regular award program will give your team something to strive for while also allowing them to put their achievement on display. However, you don’t need to only consider traditional performance awards. Perhaps you can create different awards that can be passed around the office based on the performance indicators you’d like your team to achieve.

5. Care Packages

We all enjoy receiving gifts, and a surprise care package is a perfect solution to show appreciation for any employee, whether in-house or remote. Filled with several small self-care items or gifts that encourage them to relax or have fun is a great way to make your employees feel good about their hard work. Offering items that focus on their well-being shows you care and value them as people, making your team want to continue doing good work for you.


Employee appreciation shouldn’t just be a single day or week out of the year. Get an ongoing employee appreciation program in place for your company. At Strategic Factory, our experts can help. We have a promo and apparel team that can help find you the right items to brand that your employees will enjoy. Our creative experts work with our print and signage teams to design and create thank you cards and awards so you can recognize your team’s achievements. The best part is we can ship your employee items wherever you need them to go. Take time to recognize your team and contact our experts today.